ChemoMetec achieves gold status with a new Seal of Quality award

ChemoMetec's family of cell counters are being recognized for receiving consistently outstanding customer feedback, again

24 Jun 2024

The Seals recognize the top 0.1% of products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings on SelectScience® and are designed to help scientists and healthcare professionals worldwide immediately recognize the instruments and services their peers rate the highest.

The NucleoCounter® Family of Cell Counters and Analyzers from ChemoMetec has now earned a Gold Seal of Quality award, having received 101 reviews and a commendable 4.8 stars out of a possible 5. The NucleoCounter instruments enable the determination of viability and cell count as well as advanced image analysis of yeast, veterinary semen, insect cells and mammalian cells, both primary cells and cell cultures, including cells in aggregate or microcarrier cultures.

Commenting on the NC200 NucleoCounter®, Ana Castillo from Achilles Tx said, "The NC200 Nucleocounter is a high performance device which gives robust and accurate results, also showing high precision when performing cell counts for important human cell samples," and, "I haven't experienced any other equipment that performs better than this."

This achievement comes less than a year after it was announced that the NucleoCounter® Family of Cell Counters and Analyzers had earned its Silver Seal of Quality.

New Seals of Quality are announced quarterly and alongside the Scientists’ Choice Awards®.

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