Application eBook: Environmental analysis: Smarter sample prep
15 September 2020

Environmental analysis of pollutants, water, and soil is essential in preserving and protecting our environment and limiting unnecessary exposure to contaminated material that threatens the livelihood of humans and wildlife. While good water quality is a key contributor to the preservation of a healthy ecosystem, maintaining healthy ecosystems also requires the analysis of soil, waste, and pollution, as well as fats, oils and grease.

In this application guide, learn how solid-phase extraction, developing instrumentation, and media formats can accommodate increasing compound lists, application-specific media, and custom media for specific application challenges. Also, find out how you can solve the challenges laboratories face by creating smarter sample prep workflow solutions that streamline analysis and meet the market requirements and regulatory methods for which they were designed. This eBook covers:

  • Drinking water solutions for semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Wasterwater: Influent and effluent solutions for semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Oil and grease: Avoid setbacks and improve workflows
  • Extraction and drying solutions: Hexane extractable material using SPE
  • Improving the SPE workflow for 1,4 dioxane in drinking water
  • EPH fractionation: Streamline your EPH fractionation process
  • Improve throughput and quality in determining diquat paraquat in drinking water