Assessing safety, efficacy, and biodistribution of small RNAs with RNAscope Plus small RNA-RNA co-detection assay
24 April 2023

Advanced Cell Diagnostics demonstrates in this application note how small RNA therapeutics (antisense oligonucleotides and small interfering RNAs) can be visualized and evaluated for their efficacy and safety using RNAscope Plus small RNA-RNA fluorescent assay. This assay can visualize small RNAs and RNA targets in various diseases and can assess delivery, biodistribution, uptake, persistence, and efficacy. The RNAscope Plus assay is compatible with TSA Vivid dyes and can be automated on the Leica BOND RX autostainer for increased signal intensity. 

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Introducing the RNAscope Plus small RNA-RNA fluorescent assay24 Apr 2023