Profiller pipette controllers from Socorex
29 October 2021

Profiller™ is a family of pipette controllers designed to provide superior working comfort and safety. Download the brochure below to explore the advantages of the new Profiller™ manual 437.

Profiller™ electro 447
The battery-operated model features a powerful, yet quiet motor pump and several setting options. It is the answer to efficient pipette dispensing up to 100 mL or more, when working within laminar flow or microbiological safety cabinets. Each Profiller™ electro 447 is supplied with both table charging stand and wall holder and a set of adapters to fit most plug systems.

New Profiller™ manual 437
Launched recently, this new crystal blue Pipette Controller is ergonomically fitted with a large capacity bulb and a soft action lever button. It enables easy liquid handling up to 100 mL or more, using glass or plastic serological pipettes. The instrument is virtually maintenance-free.

Both Profiller™ manual 437 and Profiller™ electro 447 are robust, lightweight, and offer ergonomic design. They include an interchangeable PTFE membrane filter avoiding overfilling and damages to the pump mechanism. They can be used with both “to deliver” and “to contain” pipettes. And the conical shaped silicone pipette holder is autoclavable at 121° C/250° F

More information on the Socorex website.

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