Top List: The 10 Most Popular Lab Essentials Videos

26 Nov 2014

1. How Tips, Tubes and Plates can Affect Your Assays
Dr. Andrew Holt from the University of Alberta, Canada, describes how plastic consumables can substantially inhibit enzymatic assays and binding studies.

2. New Metrohm Meters – Robust, Reliable and Remarkably Easy-to-Use
Reliably record pH and conductivity measurements in the laboratory and in the field.

3. CellCarrier™ Ultra Microplates for High Content Screening
Improve your high content screening results using PerkinElmer’s CellCarrier™ Ultra 384-well microplates.

4. Simplify Your Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Perform liquid-liquid extractions quickly and easily using the Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction.

5. How to Accurately Calibrate Your Pipette
Learn how to accurately calibrate your pipette to improve the precision of your work.

6. CAMSIZER P4 for Accurate Particle Size and Shape Analysis
Simultaneously measure particle size, particle shape and exact numbers of particles using digital image processing.

7. Easier Workflow with the Voyager Adjustable Spacing Electronic Pipette
Achieve sample transfers up to 90% faster and reduce errors with automated fluid transfer between multiple lab wares.

8. EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units for Fast Microbial Recovery
Discover how the filters ensure optimal microbial recovery, reduce contamination and enable an efficient laboratory workflow.

9. Quickly Evaporate Large Volumes of Solvent
Discover how to quickly process larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision

10. Reduce Product Waste Using Wheaton High Recovery Vials
Reduce your product waste by up to 99% and retrieve your sample without the need to overfill.