Top List: Advances in drug discovery: supply chain trends, streamlined screening, improved off-target effect analysis, and more

From tackling post-pandemic changes in the biopharmaceutical supply chain to addressing unmet therapeutic needs, simplified off-target effect analysis, and more, explore the latest advances in drug discovery with these free resources

21 Sep 2022

Advances in Drug Discovery Special Feature

As part of our latest special feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of top new resources to support and advance drug discovery. Read on to explore post-pandemic changes to the biopharma supply chain, learn about a range of electronic pipettes which enable you to replicate all kinds of plates, gain insight into approaches to identify and reduce luminescence crosstalk, and much more.

bioCERTIFIED reagents from Spectrum Chemical

SUPPLY CHAIN: Streamlining biopharmaceutical practices

In this SelectScience® interview, Vivek Kumar, Spectrum Chemical, discusses post-pandemic changes in the biopharma supply chain and manufacturing timelines and how the bioCERTIFIED™ Quality Management System can save manufacturers time and resources. 


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Scientist holding a multi-well plate

LIQUID HANDLING: How to transfer samples from plate to plate

Find out how the range of electronic pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences enable you to replicate or reformat all kinds of plates – including 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, or 1536 well plates – quickly and easily.


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Preview of front page of app note on miniaturized luminescence-based assays

ASSAYS: Miniaturized luminescence-based assays to optimize results

Luminescence crosstalk negatively affects data quality increasing variability, background, and false positives. This application note from BMG LABTECH describes different approaches that enable you to identify and reduce crosstalk.


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Electronic pipette being used in a lab

PIPETTING: Streamline cell culture and reagent preparation   

In this SelectScience article, discover an innovative new pipette controller, the BRAND® accu-jet® S, and top tips to help streamline cell culture work, reagent preparation, and general pipetting.


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Előd Körtvély, Roche Innovation Center, Basel

INTERVIEW: Complement in drug discovery: Addressing an unmet therapeutic need

In this SelectScience interview, Előd Körtvély, Roche Innovation Center, Basel, explains how the team in Ophthalmology strives to develop novel therapeutic approaches for major eye diseases. 


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Scientist using the 2D-5D software platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific

SOFTWARE: Powerful imaging data toolbox can streamline drug discovery workflow

In this eBook, discover a multifaceted 2D-5D software platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific which offers a comprehensive toolbox of imaging processing methods that can be automated through custom detection workflows. 


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Front page of app note on the characterization of drug off-target responses with MALDI MS

BIOMARKERS: Streamline characterization of drug off-target responses with MALDI MS

Discover a comprehensive workflow for interrogating lipid changes in microglia that combines MALDI MS whole-cell fingerprinting and high-throughput sample preparation using the Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX liquid handler.


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Video screenshot from 'flexible system for automated patch clamp experiments'

ION CHANNELS: Flexible system for automated patch clamp experiments

Discover how the versatile and flexible SyncroPatch 384, from Nanion Technologies GmbH, is equally well suited for large unattended high-throughput screening campaigns as well as for smaller projects. 


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3D CELL MODELS: Automation compatible liver cell models streamline drug screens

Learn how you can improve your high-throughput screening results by creating more relevant and functional liver cell models with animal-free GrowDex® hydrogels from UPM Biomedicals.


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Additional drug discovery resources:

High-throughput cryo-EM epitope mapping of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein antibodies with Utrecht University and Takeda Pharmaceuticals: In this guest editorial article, learn how scientists are leveraging cutting-edge cryo-EM workflow advancements and their impact in drug discovery.  Read article >>

A new frontier in medicine with robust cell & gene therapy delivery: In this interactive resource, we explore the different approaches available for safe and effective delivery of cell and gene therapies into target cells. Visit interactive hub>>

How to buy microplate readers: Microplate readers/detectors are the key workhorses in many laboratories and are used extensively for applications in drug discovery and assay development. In this free eBook download, we guide you through buying a new microplate reader by providing expert insight and the information you should consider when selecting the best technology for your lab. Download guide >>

The Swiss Army knife of ligand binding assays: While many biophysical analytical tools are suited for detecting structural changes, few can assess structure-dependent function in the same system. This interactive resource outlines the power of label-free protein-protein and protein-small molecule interaction characterization.  Visit interactive hub >>

Managing the risk of nitrosamines in medicinal drugs: In this free eBook, discover a range of ultra-fast mass spectrometry technologies for the quantification of trace levels of nitrosamine impurities from various drug substances, drug products, and solvents. Download guide >>

Addressing the top 3 challenges in cell line development: Clonality assurance, regulatory-compliant data, and high product quality: In this article, we speak with a team of experts at Advanced Instruments to learn how labs can incorporate different instruments at specific points in the cell line development workflow to significantly improve timelines. Read article >>

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