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Insight Hb Hemoglobin Testing System A

Point of Care Testing Ltd

Efficient and reliable testing for Hb and Hct* The Insight® Hb Hemoglobin Testing System is intended for the quantitative determination of haemoglobin (Hb) and calculated haematocrit (Hct) in capillary and venous human whole blood. The easy to operate system consists of a portable meter that analyses the intensity and color of light reflected from the reagent area of a test strip, ensuring quick and accurate results. The Ins…

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StatStrip® Glucose

Nova Biomedical

The Nova StatStrip® Glucose Monitoring system features a patented Multi-Well measuring technology that meets the escalating demands of today’s hospital blood glucose testing. StatStrip® technology elevates bedside glucose testing to a level of accuracy, precision, and patient safety that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing. StatStrip® is the only bedside glucose meter to eliminate glucose errors due to hae…

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GASTAT-600 Series Blood Gas System

Techno Medica

Magically smooth operation and reliable, high performance. Touch panel display Using color animation, the automatic navigation system displays various instructions and directions for replacing consumables. With its intuitive input interface, the touch panel provides a clear, easy-to-use operating environment. Replacing consumables All models in GASTAT-600 series are equipped with a barcode reader. Through their sophisticated…

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Alcor Scientific

The STAT sed rate is now a reality. The technical innovation of the iSED® fully-automated ESR analyzer consists of directly measuring the intensity of the red cell aggregation which is responsible for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR).

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FastPack IP Automated System

Sekisui Diagnostics

The FastPack ®  IP System is a fully automated quantitative immunoassay analyzer designed for use in the Physician Office laboratory.  Utilizing sophisticated chemiluminescent technology, the FastPack ®  IP System provides the capability to produce complex immunoassay results in 12 minutes or less with a push of a button.   Learn more about all FastPack ®  IP assays.

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cobas® IT 1000

Extending control over the Point of Care This offers a wide range of IT-solutions, from powerful, convenient and flexible POC IT-Information Management solutions to laboratory Information Systems for the whole lab testing process. Complete management of POC testing - Remote configuration and control of all your connected POC instruments - Single POC user management and database for unlimited numbers of users - Single LIS/HIS i…

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Alcor Scientific

The miniiSED ® is the newest addition to the ALCOR family of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) analyzers from ALCOR Scientific.

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