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Macroduct® Advanced Sweat Induction and Collection

ELITechGroupModel 3710Available: Worldwide

World leader in laboratory cystic fibrosis diagnosis. For clinical laboratory use by qualified medical personnel for stimulation and collection of sweat from humans for analysis for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Sweat Induction and Collection  

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Average Rating 4.3

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Great product for great value!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

To run sweat test on Cystic Fibrosis patients

We switched from the Labconco system to the Elitech Macroduct system last year. We have seen the changes: 1. The ease of use using capillary action to collect sweat & easy measurement on Chlorochek devise make the process better and faster than the old system. 2. QNS issues are lower than in the old system so patient satisfaction & staff engagement are high. 3. Time is saved in test completion, so staff is used in other areas, increasing productivity.

Review Date: 24 Mar 2023 | ELITechGroup

We love the digital display and can't live without this system.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Induces sweat production and collects the sweat.

The sweat inducer is very easy to use. The digital display guides you through each step of the sweat induction and collection process. As a supervisor, I had never used this equipment before the training. I was able to perform the induction and collection on my coworker without any hiccups, just by using the digital display guides. Training for this equipment was very good. The techs who use this equipment most often love the Macroduct Advanced. We used Macroduct previously, and the improvements with the Advanced system are wonderful.

Review Date: 3 Feb 2021 | ELITechGroup

Good product!


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Sweat generation and collection

The product is easy to use and effective. It would be great if one could purchase larger quantities as it is expensive to buy just a few consumables at a time. Otherwise good product.

Review Date: 2 Feb 2021 | ELITechGroup

Such an improvement!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Sweat Induction

The Macroduct 3710 is such an improvement over the 3700. QNS rates have begun to decrease and the ease of use of the instrument has been improved. Data can be captured and exported which helps in reporting. Aftercare has been extraordinary despite difficult times. Can't say enough for our entire department and division.

Review Date: 14 Jul 2020 | ELITechGroup

Good collection of sweat.


Average Rating 3.3

Application Area:

Cystic fibrosis

The Macroduct Advanced supply Kit is very easy to use and also easy to store. Quite expensive for only 5 unilateral tests. Good collection of sweat.

Review Date: 14 Jul 2020 | ELITechGroup

Good product.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Health system lab

Good product.

Review Date: 2 Sept 2019 | ELITechGroup

Very user friendly instrument.


Average Rating 3.7

Application Area:

Sweat test

Very good to produce sweat. Minimizes sweat failure rate.

Review Date: 1 Aug 2019 | ELITechGroup

It's great, wonderful instrument.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Sweat testing

It is good and very easy and effective. I advize everyonel to use this in their laboratories.

Review Date: 1 Aug 2019 | ELITechGroup


  • Easy to use touch screen interface with built in step-by-step graphical instructions
  • Flexible data management options
  • Meets protocols and traceability requirements


Electrodes detect the absence of Pilogel discs and will not start iontophoresis without the discs

Sweat Collector

  • Elliptical shaped collector is a better fit for small arms
  • Minimum amount of sweat needed is 15 microliters in a 30-minute collection period
  • Two marks on each collector for checking the minimum volume of sweat required and determining the sweat rate
  • Adjustable and Disposable Straps
  • Easy to fit and disinfect for reuse

Sweat Transfer

Easyduct® Needle has a tapered blunt end for easy insertion into the tubing and transferring sweat

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