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Agilent J&W DB-5ms and HP-5ms Ultra Inert

Agilent Technologies

Agilent ® J&W™ DB-5ms and HP-5ms Ultra Inert deliver industry-leading analytical performance in a range of chromatographic applications. Very low bleed characteristics and excellent signal-to-noise ratio and peak shapes, enables high levels of performance in analyzing challenging active analytes. DB-5ms  and HP-5ms Ultra Inert are also individually tested with a demanding Ultra Inert test probe mixture, to deliver consistent…

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VnmrJ 3.2 Software

Agilent Technologies

VnmrJ is a powerful, efficient and easy to use NMR & MRI data acquisition and processing software package. It is a versatile, interactive, and intuitive operating environment providing rapid experiment setup. Experiments may be queued with minimal effort for optimum workflow development and a variety of multitasking and analysis tools and protocols are built in. With a simple, intuitive operating environment and flexible progr…

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