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Seahorse XF Pro Analyzer

Agilent Technologies

Measure mitochondrial respiration, glycolysis, and ATP production rates in live cells in a 96-well forma t, providing a system-level view of cellular energy metabolism and mitochondrial health. It combines enhanced sensitivity and data consistency with intuitive software and advanced data analytics, enabling users to streamline assay workflow from start to finish and generate and interpret metabolic data easily. 

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  • Best New Drug Discovery Product of the Year
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RapID™ ONE System

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Identify over 70 medically important, oxidase-negative, gram-negative bacilli in just four hours using the Thermo Scientific™ RapID™ ONE System, an identification system based on enzyme technology.   The RapID ONE System is a qualitative micromethod employing conventional and chromogenic substrates for the identification of medically important Enterobacteriaceae and other selected oxidase-negative, Gram-negative bacilli is…

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VACUSAFE - Vacuum Aspiration System

INTEGRA Biosciences

VACUSAFE – Safe aspiration of liquid waste Laboratory vacuum pumps are commonly used to aspirate liquids such as media from cell cultures or supernatants after centrifugation. Protecting the operator and equipment from contamination by an overflow trap and filter is good laboratory practice when disposing biological, chemical or radioactive liquid waste. The VACUSAFE combines vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protectio…

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Navios Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The Navios clinical cytometer is equipped with electronics that provide accurate and efficient digital signal processing at high event rates over a wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities. It delivers stable performance over long periods of time and across a wide range of operating temperatures. With automated protocols, automated startup and QC monitoring, the Navios was designed with the clinical lab in mind.

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Cytomics FC500 Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The Cytomics FC 500 Flow Cytometer Automated tube-based acquisition for clinical assays. It has the capacity to conduct 5-color analysis using either a single 488 nm (blue) laser or a dual 488 nm/635 nm (blue/red) laser. The FC500 is available with a carousel tube loader or a Multi-Platform Loader (MPL) that accommodates both tubes and plates.

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