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DxU Iris Workcell Automated Urinalysis Solution

Take the interruptions out of your urinalysis workflow

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Average Rating 5.0

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Excellent product and service. Really worth the money spent in this automated instrument.

Review Date: 17 Jun 2022 | Beckman Coulter

Indispensable in our bench


Average Rating 5.0

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Easy to use, minimize our workload so much, very reliable, excellent customer service, one of the best investments in our lab.

Review Date: 16 Jun 2022 | Beckman Coulter

Great addition to our lab. Reliable!


Average Rating 3.7

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Clinical Laboratory

The addition of the DxU Workcell to our laboratory is allowing staff to accurately evaluate urinary elements via an IPU and release microscopic results, increasing testing turnaround times. The maintenance tasks are minimal, and processing specimens on the workcell is a task that can easily be delegated to lab assistants, in order to free up technologists for moderate and high complexity tasks.

Review Date: 24 Jan 2022 | Beckman Coulter

The DxU Iris Workcell fully automated urinalysis solution streamlines workflow using industry-leading technology to reduce manual reviews. The analyzers' load-and-go walkaway capability and Edit-Free Release technology minimizes interruptions and operator intervention. Newly enhanced software user interface elevates operator experience and access to innovative software solutions enables remote service monitoring for improved laboratory system uptime.

The solution pairs the DxU 850m Iris or the DxU 840m Iris urine microscopy analyzer with the AUTION MAX™ 4030 urine chemistry analyzer in the U.S. and the DxU 810c Iris urine chemistry analyzer in International markets to create a scalable, automated solution for your laboratory.

  • Minimize operator intervention and interruptions with load-and-go walk away capabilities and Edit-Free Release technology
  • Sleek, intuitive software user interface allows the operator to comfortably navigate, access key reference information and simplify training across multiple Beckman Coulter instruments
  • Improve efficiency of urinalysis testing and reduce manpower with iWARE Integrated Urinalysis Software, standard on the analyzer, that provides onboard validation and result verification into a single step
  • Increase productivity with optional advanced software solutions including PROService remote service tool, DxONE Command Central remote monitoring and REMISOL Advance middleware, as well as an optional new load and unload station that can increase the capacity of racks

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