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MicroScan Panels

MicroScan products offers choice in ID/AST panel formats, setup and speed

Beckman Coulter

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Needs easier way to set up panels


Average Rating 4.0

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MicroScan are good analyzers. Beckman should invest more money in bringing new antibiotics on panel faster, and find better way of setting up panels.

Review Date: 6 Apr 2017 | Beckman Coulter

Resistance Detection Done Right

MicroScan Conventional panels deliver accuracy, choice, and flexibility. With the fewest FDA limitations of leading automated ID/AST systems, use of conventional panels reduces supplemental testing costs and reporting delays associated with rapid only systems. Direct minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) susceptibility methodology helps ensure detection of emerging and low-level resistance, while combo ID/AST formats provide creative workflow solutions.

MicroScan Conventional Panel Product Features:

Versatility for your unique testing needs

  • Experience flexibility and choice through dynamic MicroScan menu options designed to streamline testing and help boost your efficiency.
  • Manage changing formulary needs with a broad antimicrobic menu and more than 95 MicroScan panel choices (available globally)
  • Select ID-only, AST-only, and ID/AST combination panels for workflow flexibility
  • Utilize a one-panel format for all MicroScan microbiology instruments for simplified testing procedures and streamlined workflow
  • Exclusive PROMPT™ inoculation method with 4-hour stability reduces inoculum preparation time by over 40% when compared to turbidity methods.


MicroScan offers a broad choice of panel formats:

  • Conventional overnight panels
  • Rapid ID panels
  • ESβL plus panels
  • MICroSTREP plus panels
  • Specialty ID panels

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