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Zetasizer Ultra
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  • Member since: 2019

  • Organization: Johnson Matthey

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    5 out of 5
Easy-to-use yet powerful instrument.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Raw material analysis for R&D

"The ZetaSizer Ultra is a dynamic, user-friendly instrument useful for a variety of applications. Malvern provides in-person training on the instrument and its theory that is very useful for newcomers to DLS and ELS measurements. There is a support team that consistently answers quickly with questions regarding interpreting data or other issues with the instrument. All and all a quality instrument and company to work with."

Review date: 18 Oct 2019 | Zetasizer Ultra

Manufacturer's Response

Andrew, thank you for the feedback – glad you are enjoying the new system.

The Zetasizer Ultra is the world’s most capable combined DLS and ELS system, incorporating Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS®) and, uniquely, Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS) technology for the measurement of particle and molecular size. NIBS provides the versatility and sensitivity to measure over a wide concentration range, while MADLS permits a higher resolution view into your sample’s size distribution for those critical measurements.

An extension to MADLS affords the ability to directly analyze particle concentration. The measurement of particle concentration is calibration-free, suitable for a wide range of materials, requires no or little dilution, and is quick to use – all of which make it ideal as a screening technique.  This is a unique capability of the Zetasizer Ultra which can even be applied to samples such as viruses and VLPs, which were previously very challenging to measure. 

The Zetasizer Ultra also provides the highest sensitivity zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility measurements using M3-PALS technology.  Our affordable disposable folded capillary cells enable measurements in extremely low volumes, without direct sample-electrode contact, using our patented diffusion barrier method.  The information provided by these measurements is an excellent indicator of sample stability and/or propensity to aggregate.

The addition of Constant Current Mode for measuring electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential in high conductivity media reduces errors that can be associated with electrode polarization at higher ion concentrations.