ZEEnit 650 P by Analytik Jena GmbH

Manufacturer Analytik Jena GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
High-Performance AAS for Fully Automated Graphite AAS with Zeeman and Deuterium Background Correction

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ZEEnit 650 P
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ZEEnit 650 P – compact spectrometer with transversely heated graphite furnace and Zeeman background correction.

From atomizer to autosampler – the latest technologies in perfect metal trace analysis have been implemented on a graphite furnace AAS instrument that sets new standards.

The ZEEnit 650 P is a compact spectrometer with a new generation of magnetic field technology. The instrument provides a wealth of unique benefits:

  • Aspheric optics of high light transmission for best baseline stability
  • Compact system with maximum integration of all components and minimum foot print
  • Temperature stabilized transversely heated graphite furnace for problem-free trace analysis according to the principles of the STPF concept
  • Sensorless true temperature control and unique emission independent temperature recalibration
  • Variable power magnetic field with different correction modes
  • Unique 3 field mode for extension of the linear operating range with Zeeman GF-AAS
  • Unique system allowing introduction of liquid and solid samples
  • HydrEA technique – combination of graphite furnace and hydride technique for a higher efficiency of hydride analysis with clearly improved detection limits
  • WinAAS® software with a convincing concept for simple operation and optimization options for routine work