XN-L Pure by Sysmex Europe GmbH

Manufacturer Sysmex Europe GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Automated 5-part differential budget haematology analyser. The XN-L Pure offers single sample analysis in open mode. Via its fully integrated IPU (information-processing unit) including an LCD colour touch screen, you can easily operate the analyser without needing a separate computer.

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XN-L Pure
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Changing your perspective – XN technology for every lab

Experience the value of larger devices at an excellent price–quality relation: XN-L Pure is a budget-friendly, stand-alone haematology analyser that maintains the quality of higher-end solutions, including their strong reliability of results. From single sample analysis in open mode, XN-L Pure delivers a full WBC differential including an immature granulocyte count (IG). Flagging of NRBC and iRBC (RBC with inclusions of parasitic origin) is standard in every measurement, ensuring reliable WBC counts in the event of these interferences.

Take your haematology to a higher level

Why not reduce your manual differential workload and shorten your samples’ TAT by opting for a full differential analyser that will provide you with a higher degree of cell differentiation, highly sensitive detection of WBC abnormalities and a wider range of clinically relevant parameters. Your Sysmex representative can tell you more.