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Sysmex XN-2000

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A perfect pair for basic and extended testing

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Average Rating 4.8

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A very easy to use instrument from a great company!


Average Rating 5.0

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Performs complete blood count and body fluid cell count.

The XN-2000 is really easy to use and there is hardly any downtimes. Sysmex customer service is really easy to navigate. We had been a Sysmex customer for 12 years and we are satisfied with their product.

Review Date: 19 Jun 2023 | Sysmex Europe SE

Satisfied with analyzer and adds to the value.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Clinical hematology

High quality results especially for platelets. When in doubt for thrombocytopenia use the PLT-F mode wherein one will get all details esp removing all interferences. Also there's provision of Reticulocytes %. Some indication of presence of malarial parasites as well after thorough checks.

Review Date: 16 May 2023 | Sysmex Europe SE

Sysmex has exceptional instrumentation and service.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:


Sysmex has exceptional instrumentation and service. Easy to use. Very low instrument downtime.

Review Date: 2 Feb 2021 | Sysmex Europe SE

Excellent Product in Hematology dept.


Average Rating 4.7

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We have been using this equipment for 2 years, Very stable equipment providing with maximum uptime and excellent support from the vendor.

Review Date: 10 Jul 2018 | Sysmex Europe SE

The XN-2000 system is a combination of two analysis modules that you can equip with all the available diagnostic applications. In its Rerun & Reflex configuration, it is transformed into a superb solution for basic and extended testing. Because the two modules process rack samples simultaneously, it can accommodate any sample without slowing down. The modules work together perfectly. And you don’t lose any precious time, even with abnormal samples.

With integrated reflex testing, you no longer have to select and reload samples manually. The reflex sampler feeds the samples into the left-hand module automatically and performs the extended measurement. If there are no abnormal samples, it speeds up the system by working on standard analysis instead.

Having two modules up and running means you have greater security for daily routines as you always have an integrated back-up solution at your disposal. To enhance the scope of your labs, you can network your XN-2000 with other XNs to create multiple-location installations. This lets you couple specialised and central laboratory units, and increase your service offering. And thanks to our remote services, we can together define levels of support quality, guaranteed service response times and ensure maximum system uptime.


  • Throughput of 200 samples/h
  • Sampler capacity: 10 racks with 10 vials each
  • Flexible throughput depending on the workload
  • Integrated back-up concept
  • Short turnaround times

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