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Founded in 1954 Vilber are leaders in molecular imaging, having equipped more than 20,000 laboratories worldwide. Vilber Fusion blot imaging systems have been used by 3 Nobel prize winners. The latest generation of Fusion systems offer ‘better than film’ sensitivity with user upgradability for multi-colour fluorescence blotting.

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Vilber Fusion

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The Vilber Fusion FX is a powerful PC controlled blot imaging system. It is built around the very latest camera technology to provide exceptional sensitivity, dynamic range and image clarity.

It’s upgradable design allows users to plug and play up to 7 Spectra Capsules for fluorescent blotting or a PADbox transilluminator for gel documentation, whenever the need or budget arises. 

  • Custom designed camera with either -55 or -90 degrees C cooling provides ‘better than film’ sensitivity for chemiluminescent blots
  • Custom made lens with f0.7 aperture 
  • User upgradable for up to 7 colour fluorescent blotting with plug and play Spectra Capsules (wavelengths from UV to Deep IR available)
  • PADbox allows the Fusion to be used with UV or LED transilluminators for gel documentation
  • Visible laser positioning system and electromagnetic door locking for ease of operation
  • All metal darkroom construction for long term durability
  • Licence free PC software for control and quantification
  • Standard 2 year warranty