UniversalExtractor E-800 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Powerful extraction system that is perfect for multitasking

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UniversalExtractor E-800 for challenging extraction tasks
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The UniversalExtractor E-800 is designed to meet any challenging extraction task. Six distinct extraction positions offer individual process control and simultaneous operation of various extraction methods. High-speed heater and sophisticated process control combine to offer the fastest and most reproducible extraction processes.

The extraction system additionally features:

  • Multiple work packages that can be executed simultaneously
  • Quick method development and high sample throughput capbiliteis
  • Proprietary analyte protection for best analyte recoveries
  • Reproducible concentration of the extract with high safety standards
  • No sample contamination and memory effects from leaching materials as components of extractor that are in contact with sample and solvents are made of completely inert material
  • Ultimate protection of analyte against oxidation thanks to inert gas supply controlbale at all process steps (extraction, rinsing, drying)
  • Automated control of inert gas if the analyte protection sensor is triggered
  • Five different extraction methods combined in one universal glass assembly
  • Suitable for samples of low concentration thanks to Large Sample Volume (LSV) glass assembly which enables expansion of sample volume by 60%
  • Fast and evenly distributed heating possible even for high boiling solvents, such as water or toluen