Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG

Microbial DNA enrichment and isolation from fluids and tissue samples

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Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit
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The DNA-free Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kits combine the depletion of host DNA and extraction of enriched microbial DNA from fluid samples and tissues. This allows significantly deeper sequencing compared to conventional DNA isolation and increases the sensitivity of many analytical methods as PCR, arrays and diverse NGS approaches e.g. microbiome and metagenomic analyses. The kits provide DNA-free reagents and consumables for the depletion of human/animal DNA and the isolation of enriched microbial DNA.  


  • Depletion of non-target, human or animal DNA (MolYsis™ technology) 
  • Selective enrichment of bacteria and fungi from body fluids and tissues 
  • Validated for a broad-range lysis of bacteria and fungi 
  • DNA-free reagents and consumables 
  • Sample volumes from 0.2-10 ml 

Kits are available for small (0.2-1 ml) and large (1-10 ml) sample volumes. The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kits can be used for a variety of sample types e.g. whole blood, body fluids, sputum, urine, human and animal tissues and biofilms. Microorganisms need to be intact for a successful isolation. Please check out Molzym’s DNA-free PCR reagents and assay solutions for the contamination-free and sensitive sample analysis.