Ultim Max and AZtecLive by Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis

Manufacturer Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis  |  Available Worldwide
AZtecLive and Ultim™ Max (Silicon Drift Detector) for EDS analysis, combine live electron images with live X-ray chemical imaging to allow a revolutionary change in how users investigate their samples in the SEM.

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Ultim Max and AZtecLive
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AZtecLive allows for a fast and detailed investigation of a sample. Navigating a sample no longer requires you to move between the microscope and the EDS software. Just travel around the sample whilst viewing Live TV rate electron image and X-ray maps. Stop when you find an area of interest and AZtecLive will automatically switch to integration mode for high quality image collection and X-ray maps to see your sample in detail.

AZtecLive is paired with Ultim™ Max. Large SDD sensors allow up to 17x more data collection at any one time with no decrease in accuracy. Regardless of whether you want better statistics at each data point, to map larger areas, collect data faster, or to investigate the smallest nano-structures, Ultim Max is the ideal solution for your X-ray analysis in the SEM.


  • Live chemical imaging
  • Automatic recording of analysis with Live Trace
  • Sensor area up to 170 mm2
  • Quantitative analysis at 400,000 cps
  • EDS mapping at >1,000,000 cps