Ultim® Extreme by Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis

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Recent winner of the 2019 Queen's Award for enterprise. The Ultim Extreme detector allows unprecedented sensitivity for high resolution FEG-SEM applications.

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Ultim® Extreme
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  • Organization: W.L. Gore & Associates

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Superb instrument, very innovative.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Chemical composition

"The Ultim Extreme brings a whole new level to EDS in the FE-SEM. The service is extraordinary. The ability to work at a smaller working distance is a perfect marriage of the Ultim Extreme and FE-SEM."

Review date: 05 Nov 2019 | Ultim® Extreme

The Ultim Extreme detector provides never seen before solutions for conventional micro- and nano-analysis, and ultra high resolution FEG-SEM applications.

A windowless 100 mm2 version of the traditional Ultim, this detector was designed to optimise sensitivity and spatial resolution. Utilizing radical geometry allows the highest standard of both imaging and EDS performance even at short working distances and at low kV.


  • Sub 10 nm element characterisation in the FEG-SEM
  • Sensitivity for surface science
  • Material characterisation down to the lowest kV
  • Real-time nano-characterisation
  • Sensitivity for light elements such as lithium, nitrogen and oxygen