TVT 2 by LAUDA Scientific GmbH

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |   Model: LMT 934  |  Available Worldwide
Drop-Volume tensiometer  

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TVT 2 with LAUDA thermostat

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Drop-Volume tensiometer for dynamic surface and interfacial tension

  • Precise measurement drop by drop
  • Dynamic and static measurement mode
  • Robust and precise design with a position accuracy in the micro-meter range
  • Easy to use software
  • PLL control of syringe speed
  • Various syringe sizes (from 250µl to 5ml)
  • Different needle diameters
  • Reverse measurement needles
  • Automatic adaption of light sensor sensitivity
  • Minimizes contact with volatile/toxic samples


  • Dynamic interfacial tension of surfactants, oils and highly viscous liquids
  • Time-dependent surface tension measurement
  • Aging effects on insulating oils (transformer oils)
  • Absorption kinetics of surfactants
  • Surface age dependent characterization of emulsifiers
  • Surface age determination ranging from one second to several hours
  • Absorption behavior of amphiphile molecules
  • Characterization of inks

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TVT 2 by LAUDA Scientific GmbH product image


Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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