Transgenic and Knockout Analysis by InVivo Biosystems

Manufacturer InVivo Biosystems
Full phenotypic analysis  to connect genes to behavior

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Transgenic and Knockout Analysis

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Full phenotypic analysis of your C. elegans or zebrafish transgenic to quickly find out whether your transgenic has a measurable phenotype.

Three Steps to get your data:

  • Choose to either have us construct your transgenic and an appropriate control or you can send us your own strains
  • We confirm the strains via sequencing and other QC methods prior to phenotypic analysis
  • We assess your strain(s) and controls using your choice of our phenotypic assays

Analysis delivered to you:

  • Raw data for each assay
  • % similarity to control overall
  • % similarity to control for each assay
  • Transgenic worm or zebrafish (if desired)