TransAM® Nrf2 Transcription Factor Binding Assay by Active Motif

Manufacturer Active Motif  |   Model: 50296, 50796
Simple solution for studying Nrf2 activation in human, mouse and rat model systems

TransAM<sup>®</sup> Nrf2 Transcription Factor Binding Assay by Active Motif product image
TransAM® Nrf2 Transcription Factor Binding Assay

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The TransAM® Nrf2 Transcription Factor Assay Kit includes a 96-stripwell plate in which multiple copies of a specific double-stranded oligonucleotide have been immobilized.

When nuclear extract is added, activated transcription factor of interest binds the oligonucleotide at its consensus binding site and is quantified using the included antibody, which is specific for the bound, active form of the transcription factor being studied.

Why use TransAM® transcription factor ELISAs?

  • Up to 100-fold more sensitive than gelshift assays
  • Eliminates the use of radioactivity and the need to run gels
  • Results in less than five hours
  • Colorimetric readout enables easy, quantitative analysis with spectrophotometry at 450 nm
  • 96-stripwell format enables both high and low throughput