Total Histone H3 ELISA by Active Motif

Manufacturer Active Motif  |   Model: 53110
Simple, sensitive method for detecting changes in histone methylation levels from purified core histones or histones isolated by acid extraction

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Total Histone H3 ELISA

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Histone modifications such as phosphorylation, acetylation and methylation at specific amino acid residues on the histone tails that extend beyond the core nucleosome have been found to influence and regulate transcription, chromosome packaging and DNA damage repair.

The Total Histone H3 ELISA makes it easy to screen for changes in histone H3 levels, regardless of the modification state. The assay works with core histone preparations or histones purified by acid extraction from tissue or cell samples. n addition to screening total histone H3 levels, the Total Histone H3 ELISA can be used to normalize the methylation level of your samples when run in parallel with Active Motif's Histone H3 methylated Lys9 or Histone H3 methylated Lys27 ELISAs. For normalization, the Total Histone H3 Kit and Histone Modification ELISA should be run in parallel. The methylation specific data is then normalized by dividing it by the total histone H3 values.