Thermo Scientific™ Themis™ ETEM by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: THEMISETEM
Atomic resolution TEM for materials structure analysis with an environmental mode for in situ TEM studies.

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Thermo Scientific™ Themis™ ETEM
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The Thermo Scientific™ Themis™ ETEM builds on the proven Titan ETEM concept-combining both standard S/TEM and dedicated environmental TEM capabilities for time-resolved, in situ studies of the dynamic behavior of nanomaterials. The Themis ETEM is designed as a fully integrated platform for in situ experiments, such as exposing nanostructures to gaseous reaction/operating environments.

Building on advantages of our proven Themis ETEM solution, including:

  • Automation and ease-of-use through full software control of all operational parameters - for novice users as well as advanced operators.
  • Window-free imaging through the innovative differentially-pumped objective lens.
  • Precise control of vacuum system including fast switching between different vacuum modes.
  • Accurate monitoring of gas composition through built-in reactant gas analysis via mass-spectrometer (RGA).
  • Easy decontamination and system flushing via the integrated plasma cleaner.
  • Electron gun protection to maintain high vacuum even during gaseous experiments.
  • Fine electron dose (rate) control using the flexible gun lens and condenser settings.
  • Easy sample handling, full double tilt capability and standard TEM holder compatibility through innovative differentially-pumped specimen area.
  • Safe operation mode through full compliance with safety regulations and protocols for gas handling.

Advance your research with the Themis ETEM

The new Themis ETEM now also benefits from Themis Z features:

  • Precise control and knowledge of sample temperature in any gas environment through new NanoEx-i/v heating stage.
  • Improved sample stability, navigation, and assisted sample drift correction in x, y, and z-axes using a piezo enhanced stage.
  • Advancing high-quality imaging and movie acquisition functions, as well as sample navigation by combining speed, high sensitivity, and high-dynamic range with large field of view in one single Ceta 16M camera.
  • Handling and processing of large data sets by introducing a 64-bit operating system.