Synthetic Chem Elut S by Agilent Technologies

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies  |   Model: 5610-2012  |  Available Worldwide
Chem Elut S products enable reproducible SLE results with high data quality and sample capacity. Consistent pore and particle sizes allow for batch-to-batch repeatability and uniform flow. Emulsions are also avoided, because there is no need for shaking. Compared to liquid-liquid extraction, Chem Elut S reduces analyst-to-analyst variability, improves matrix removal, and requires minimal extraction solvent, which leads to increased analyte concentration.

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Synthetic Chem Elut S
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  • Controlled particle and pore size enable consistent flow and reproducibility
  • Absence of shaking eliminates emulsion formation
  • Effective removal of matrix, including salts and phospholipids
  • Minimal extraction solvent required, leading to high analyte concentrations
  • Reduced analyst-to-analyst variability compared to conventional LLE