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8850 GC System

The single-channel Agilent 8850 Gas Chromatograph (GC) system combines the small footprint and compact oven of the Agilent 6850 GC with the same built-in intelligence and high performance of the 8890 GC. It was designed for energy efficiency and ease of maintainance to help laboratories meet their sustainability goals and lower their operating costs.

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The intelligent, single-channel 8850 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System is the smallest high-performance benchtop GC on the market. With a footprint about half that of traditional instruments, you can have two 8850 GCs running simultaneously without sacrificing valuable bench space. Based on 6850 and 8890 GC technology, it uses the same inlets, detectors, and EPC as the 8890 to deliver equivalent analytical results. This energy-efficient GC has a compact oven for fast thermal cycling and uses up to 30% less power than a standard GC, which can help you meet your sustainability goals. Built-in diagnostics, troubleshooting, and ease-of-maintenance can optimize uptime and sample throughput.


  • Compact footprint takes up about half the bench space of traditional GC instruments
  • Small, precisely designed air-bath oven facilitates fast temperature ramps and rapid cool-down for short turnaround times and high throughput
  • Uses up to 30% less power than other GC systems for lower operating costs
  • Integrated intelligence monitors system health, alerts users to potential issues before they occur, and provides guided problem solving
  • Accommodates split/splitless, purged packed, and cool on-column inlets to meet most method requirements
  • Available with a flame ionization detector (FID) or thermal conductivity detector (TCD) to cover a wide array of applications
  • Uses familiar consumables and software, minimizing method development, start-up, and training time
  • Compatible with the same five-inch capillary or packed metal column format used with the 6850 GC
  • Touchscreen displays system configuration, letting you update the active method, perform routine maintenance, and check instrument status
  • Browser interface offers remote access to the GC from any location using a laptop or mobile device to monitor methods, run diagnostics, and more
  • Unique top-opening lid lifts the column out of the oven, allowing convenient access to inlet and detector connections, while easy-open side panels let you reach key internal components when needed
  • 7693A or 7650A automatic liquid samplers and 8697 headspace sampler can be added for flexible, reliable sample introduction
  • One optional gas- or liquid-sampling valve extends your application capabilities
  • Optional helium conservation module can significantly reduce helium usage and optional hydrogen sensor module offers confident use of hydrogen carrier gas

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