SMARTer™ Apollo™ Library Prep System by Takara Bio

Manufacturer Takara Bio
SMARTer Apollo NGS library prep system

SMARTer™ Apollo™ Library Prep System by Takara Bio product image
SMARTer™ Apollo™ Library Prep System

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SMARTer Apollo NGS library prep system

Next-generation sequencing applications enable researchers to delve deeper into the human genome. Although NGS applications allow diverse and detailed analysis, NGS library preparation is encumbered by extensive hands-on and labor-intensive workflows. To address this, the SMARTer Apollo system provides a complete, walkaway solution using validated protocols and chemistries that produce consistent libraries for DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq applications.

The SMARTer Apollo system offers best-in-class performance and flexibility. Manual NGS library prep workflows are labor-intensive and prevent you from conducting other valuable experiments. The SMARTer Apollo system frees you from manual steps by automating the critical portions of the workflow, reducing your hands-on time to just 30 minutes, depending on the sample throughput and script used. The SMARTer Apollo system can also run flexible batch sizes without wasting reagents or time. In addition to both DNA and RNA NGS library prep protocols, this versatile system efficiently performs related protocols for sample preparation and cleanup, such as poly A+ RNA enrichment, rRNA depletion, and PCR cleanup.

Manual NGS library preparation is not only time-consuming, but it is also subject to human error, affecting the quality of your data. Consistency is key when processing multiple samples; the SMARTer Apollo system, combined with SMARTer PrepX chemistries and scripts, allows you to create consistent target libraries without the variability caused by manual pipetting. Protocols using SMARTer PrepX kits on the SMARTer Apollo system have been validated as a seamless solution for consistent sample preparation, cleanup, and NGS library prep. An adapted protocol for automating SMART-Seq v4 ultra-low-input RNA-seq library prep applies our industry-leading chemistry to process up to 96 samples in a single working day. These protocols employ in-tip bead separation for efficient capture of libraries in a highly reproducible manner.


  • Convenient library prep—reduce hands-on time with SMARTer PrepX or SMART-Seq v4 chemistries and walkaway automation
  • Flexible throughput—run any batch size, up to 96 samples per run
  • Unique in-tip bead separation
  • Reliable results—increase reproducibility and minimize contamination with a completely enclosed, automated system