Sigma-Aldrich® CRISPR synthetic gRNAs by Merck

Manufacturer Merck
Sigma-Aldrich ® one-part sgRNA and two-part crRNA:tracrRNA systems accelerate genome editing with Cas9 protein, mRNA, or established Cas9 expressing cell lines. Our guides are compatible with a variety of delivery methods including microinjection, electroporation, and lipofection.

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Sigma-Aldrich® CRISPR synthetic gRNAs


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Merck's single guide RNAs are purified using gold standard HPLC methods ensuring the highest quality and lowest toxicity in cellular and transgenic applications. 

Selected Applications 

  • Engineer transgenic animal models 
  • Model disease states in immortalized cells 
  • Create isogenic iPS cell lines 


  • Guaranteed - Assured cutting for any target sequence including custom designs 
  • HPLC Purified for unparalleled quality 
  • Easy-to-use - Reconstitute gRNA and form RNP complexes within minutes 
  • Customizable – Choose your format, quantity, purification and modification 
  • Fast shipping (usually 3-5 days for crRNA, 7-10 business days for sgRNA)
  • A range of purification and modification options
  • Multi-scale delivery in tubes or plates