SER 158 - Automatic Solvent Extractor by Velp Scientifica

Manufacturer Velp Scientifica  |  Available Worldwide
Solvent extraction with the SER 158 can be performed for extractable matter determination on a wide range of sample matrices either in food and non-food industries (such as pulp, paper, textile, chemical) and for sample preparation. The solid-liquid extraction process removes the soluble components from solids using a liquid solvent. The SER 158 works in accordance to international standards such as AOAC, ISO, EPA, APHA, UNI.

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SER 158 - Automatic Solvent Extractor
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Fully automatic and cloud-enabled extractors, available in 3 and 6 positions that guarantee security, accuracy and precision in the determination of extractable matter according to Randall and Twisselmann.

Fast Extraction

  • The automatic extraction process completes fully unattended analysis according to the Randall method that is five times faster than traditional Soxhlet.
  • The high-speed heating plates in glass-ceramic ensure fast solvent boiling.

Minimum Solvent Consumption
The patent pending titanium condensers guarantee the unparalleled solvent recovery of more than 90% that is collected in cooled recovery tank.

High Productivity & Versatility
The powerful ControlPadTM is able to control up to 4 SER 158 units (3 or 6 positions) independently allowing to increase the number of units according to throughput requirement.

Maximum Safety

  • SolventXpress™ ensures zero exposure to solvents
  • SafeEnd™ prevents the overheating and burning of soluble matter
  • Remote analysis interruption and immediate notifications through VELP Ermes

Ease of Use
The SER 158 Series makes hot solvent extraction easy and fast:

  • Preset library of methods and possibility to add new ones and mark preferred methods
  • Multilingual support
  • Balance connection for automatic result calculation
  • Barcode reader to reduce risk of errors

Smart Instrument

  • The SER 158 is designed to work unattended 24/7 with Load&Go technologies, minimizing necessary operator intervention.
  • Thanks to VELP Ermes connection is possible to monitor the analysis and be notified, anytime, anywhere. Unique remote service and application support from VELP and authorized partners.