Scios™ 2 DualBeam™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: SCIOS2
Focused ion beam scanning electron microscope for ultra-high resolution, high-quality sample preparation and 3D characterization.
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Scios™ 2 DualBeam™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Scios™ 2 DualBeam™

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The Thermo Scientific™ Scios™ 2 DualBeam™ is an ultra-high-resolution analytical FIB-SEM system that provides outstanding sample preparation and 3D characterization performance for the widest range of samples, including magnetic and non-conductive materials. With innovative features designed to increase throughput, precision, and ease of use, the Scios 2 DualBeam is an ideal solution to meet the needs of scientists and engineers in advanced research and analysis across academic, government, and industrial research environments.

Scios 2 DualBeam provides:

  • Fast and easy preparation of high-quality, site-specific, TEM and Atom probe samples using the Sidewinder HT ion column.
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging using NICol electron column with best-in-class performance on the widest range of samples, including magnetic and non-conductive materials.
  • The most complete sample information with sharp, refined, and charge-free contrast obtained from a variety of integrated in-column and below-the-lens detectors.
  • Access to high-quality, multi-modal subsurface and 3D information with precise targeting of the region of interest using optional Auto Slice & View™ 4 (AS&V4) software.
  • Precise sample navigation tailored to individual application needs thanks to the high flexibility 110 mm stage and in-chamber Nav-Cam.
  • Artifact-free imaging and patterning with dedicated modes such as SmartScan™, DCFI and Drift Suppression.
  • Optimization of your solution to meet specific application requirements thanks to flexible DualBeam configuration.

Fast and easy preparation of high-quality TEM samples

Scientists and engineers constantly face new challenges that require highly localized characterization of increasingly complex samples with ever smaller features. The latest technological innovations of the Scios 2 DualBeam, in combination with the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive AutoTEM™ 4 software (optional) and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s application expertise, allow for fast and easy preparation of site-specific HR-S/TEM samples for a wide range of materials. In order to achieve the high-quality results, final polishing with low-energy ions is required to minimize surface damage on the sample. The Sidewinder HT Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column not only delivers high-resolution imaging and milling at high voltages but has also good low-voltage performance, enabling the creation of high-quality TEM lamella.

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