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sciCONSUMABLES - all you need for successful experiments

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All you need for successful experiments

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sciCONSUMABLES are optimized for microarray applications and are the perfect tool for miniaturization and multiplexing of DNA and ELISA tests in microarray format. Tailor-made surface functionalization of sciPLEXPLATES and sciCHIPS allow efficient immobilization of a variety of biomolecules as proteins, DNA or glycans to perform automated assays at a nanoliterscale, increasing flexibility and throughput while decreasing costs and time per assay.

  • High immobilization efficiencies of biomolecules due to optimized surfaces
  • Cost reduction by saving reagents, probes and samples
  • Maximum efficiency for large and small numbers of sample by using exact numbers of wells required
  • Compatible with standard labautomation (Pipettors, washers, incubators, etc.)
  • Compatible with commonly used scanners
  • sciPLEXPLATES available in three formats: 8-well strips, single breakable wells and solid plates
  • sciCHIPS: excellent slide homogeneity and superior slide-to-slide reproducibility
  • sciBUFFER system provides optimized conditions for immobilization, blocking and hybridization
  • sciPOLY3D: applicable on all kinds of unmodified polymers used for e.g. microfluidic cartridges