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One Software for Your Entire Protein Crystallization Workflow One protein crystallization software to manage the entire experimentation process, from design and dispense to image viewing and analysis. ROCK MAKER® is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is there every step of the way, with powerful yet easy-to-use tools that help you get the results you need quickly.  

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ROCK MAKER® provides users the ability to:

  • Design and Manage Experiments with Ease
    • Screen your proteins against sparse screens
    • Screen Experiment Wizard makes experiment design a breeze - creating multiple screen experiments for one or more proteins takes less than a minute.
    • Most commonly used screens come pre-loaded
    • Unique barcodes allow you to track your experiments from dispensing to imaging and scoring
  • Dynamically and Efficiently View & Score Images
    • Images taken by ROCK IMAGER are collected by ROCK MAKER
    • Measure crystals and add notes directly to the image itself
    • Bring out details of your images using the leveling histogram optically zoom in with a Region of Interest (ROI).
    • Navigate through and score your images using your keyboard and customizable scoring schemas
    • View up to four drops simultaneously or compare different inspections of the same drop
    • View images with multiple modes including slideshow & full-screen
  • Automatically Score Your Drops with MARCO
    • One bottleneck to protein crystallography is manually scoring those protein drop images, which is often very time-consuming and tedious. 
    • MARCO is now integrated in ROCK MAKER and can automatically score your drops with just a few clicks.
  • Zero in on the Optimal Crystallization Conditions
    • Perform a quick multidimensional optimization of various conditions, varying concentrations and pHs of the ingredients along rows, columns, and/or quadrants within a plate
    • Yield protein crystals from conditions that initially do not look promising with Iterative Screen Optimization (ISO)
    • Generate fully randomized optimization screens based on promising conditions of your choice
  • Analyze Your Data to Improve Future Experiment Design
    • Use Search and Filter to mine your data to uncover trends based on a variety of parameters, helping you to continue your research efforts and focus in on conditions likely to grow bigger and better crystals
    • Create and manipulate charts to visualize your experiment results
    • Print various experiment reports for your lab notebooks

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ROCK MAKER® by FORMULATRIX®, Inc. product image


Manufacturer FORMULATRIX®, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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