REIMS Research System with iKnife by Waters

Manufacturer Waters  |  Available Worldwide
Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS).

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REIMS Research System with iKnife
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The innovative iKnife hand-held sampling device produces information-rich vapor directly from the surface of the sample, which when analyzed by a time of flight (Tof) MS, provides analysts with an accurate molecular profile in seconds.

The REIMS Research System with iKnife Sampling removes the need for sample preparation and chromatographic separation, allowing an accurate mass MS profile to be collected in the space of a just few seconds per sample.  This saves time and money, and makes it easier than ever before to obtain detailed molecular information from a range of sample types.

Available on IMS MS/MS or MS/MS.

Waters QTof systems provide the ideal platform for REIMS with iKnife sampling, with superior performance, proven robustness and reliability, and the flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and future needs.

Potential to combine with UPLC/MS towards a holistic profiling approach.

Both SYNAPT G2-Si HDMS and Xevo G2-XS QTof are compatible with a wide range of Waters chromatography inlets and ionization sources.  This allows aliquots of the same sample to be analyzed on a single mass spectrometry system using multiple different analytical techniques, for example REIMS, UPLC/MS and GC/MS, towards a holistic profiling approach.



  • No sample preparation or chromatography required
  • Quickly determine differences within and between samples
  • Identify molecular markers responsible for sample differences
  • Available with a choice of high performance Tof-MS systems
  • Potential to combine with other sampling techniques towards a holistic profiling approach