QuantiFluor® ssDNA System by Promega Corp.

Manufacturer Promega Corp.  |   Model: E3190  |  Available Worldwide
Sensitive Quantitation of Single-Stranded DNARequires less DNA than spectrophotometry

QuantiFluor® ssDNA System by Promega Corp. product image
QuantiFluor® ssDNA System

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The QuantiFluor® ssDNA System contains a fluorescent dye that enables sensitive quantitation of small amounts of single-stranded (ssDNA) in solution. Detecting and quantitating ssDNA is useful for a variety of research interests in molecular biology. These include studying ssDNA viruses, quantitating short synthetic ssDNA probes for site-directed mutagenesis, analysis of first-strand cDNAs and quantitating bisulfite-converted DNA to study DNA methylation.

Features - Benefits:

  • Increase Your Sensitivity: Significantly increased sensitivity compared to absorbance at 260nm (NanoDrop® spectrophotometer) for low-concentration samples.
  • Save Precious Sample for Downstream Assays: Less template DNA required than spectrophotometry.
  • Set Up Quickly and Easily: System includes all required reagents to quickly set up and quantitate ssDNA.
  • Experience Flexible Instrument Compatibility: Use easily on both the QuantiFluor® Fluorometer and GloMax®-Multi Instrument. This system also can be used on any fluorescent instrument with appropriate optical channels.
  • Remain Cost-Effective: Value priced for those customers who are cost-conscious and budget-constrained.
  • Use with Promega Instruments: Pre-optimized on both the Quantus™ Fluorometer and GloMax®-Multi+ Instrument.


    • ssDNA quantitation.


    • Each QuantiFluor® ssDNA System contains sufficient volume to perform 200 assays at 2ml or 2,000 assays at 200μl.

Product Overview

QuantiFluor® ssDNA System by Promega Corp. product image

QuantiFluor® ssDNA System

Manufacturer Promega Corp.  |  Available Worldwide

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