ProcartaPlex Custom Panels by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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ProcartaPlex custom panels: less guessing, more testing

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ProcartaPlex Custom Panels

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Average Rating: 4.7
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  • Ease of use
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Excellent assay, customizable and great dynamic range.
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Cytokine measurements of tissue culture and human plasma samples

"The ProcartaPlex Immunoassay is customizable and adaptable with sample incubations overnight at 4 degrees or for 1-2 hrs at room temperature. Magnetic beads for separation and washing are very user friendly. Questions about the Luminex assay are handled very well by knowledgeable Thermo Fisher staff (Damon Cook was particularly helpful). The cost could be brought down possibly with option to bulk order buffers as opposed to having multiple small bottles of reagents that are not needed when running multiple plates & several individual kits altogether."

Review date: 13 Dec 2019 | ProcartaPlex Custom Panels

Custom multiplex immunoassays, based on Luminex xMAP technology, maximize flexibility in experimental design, permitting the quantitation of one or multiple targeted proteins in unique panels designed by the researcher. For your convenience, each customized panel comes with reagents that are blended, optimized, tested, and designed for use with the Luminex systems you specify (Luminex 200, FLEXMAP 3D, and/or MAGPIX).