OsmoPRO® MAX Automated Osmometer by Advanced Instruments

Manufacturer Advanced Instruments  |   Model: OsmoPRO MAX
Do more with less. Osmolality testing for the clinical lab just got easier.

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OsmoPRO® MAX Automated Osmometer
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Built for clinical laboratories of all sizes, the OsmoPRO MAX delivers unprecedented ease of use and efficiency. Innovative flow-through technology revolutionizes osmolality testing by eliminating the need for consumables. With the OsmoPRO MAX, sample pipetting, testing, and cleaning are performed automatically by the device. Continuous loading and unloading allows your staff to begin tests as soon as samples arrive, removing the need to batch test. Clinical laboratories are under intense pressure to balance the high demand for testing with the desire among clinicians and patients to quickly get accurate results.

Offering unprecedented automation, ease of use, and workflow flexibility, the OsmoPRO MAX is built for labs of all sizes. Features like automated pipetting, continuous loading of primary tubes, onboard video instructions, and integrated barcode scanners minimize errors and simplify the testing process. The instrument takes walk-away osmolality testing to a new level, increasing confidence among your staff and allowing them to focus on other value-added laboratory tasks.


  • Automated Pipetting: The OsmoPRO MAX automatically pipettes a sample from teh primary tube and performs testing and cleaning within the device, eliminating the need for consumables
  • Continuous Loading Capability: The turntable allows users to continuously load and unload samples in a variety of primary tube sizes, preventing workflow interruptions and improving turnaround times.
  • Programmable Replicate Testing: Walk away while the OsmoPRO MAX performs testing of replicates from the same primary tube. 
  • Robust Design: Calibration is needed as infrequently as once per year and the instrument is designed to be powered on 24/7 to maximize uptime.
  • A color-coded touchscreen, intuitive interface and multi-language capability enable staff of varying skill levels to operate the device. Onboard video instruction guides users through cleaning, maintenance, and calibration workflows. 

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OsmoPRO® MAX Automated Osmometer by Advanced Instruments product image