NutriFreez™ D10 Cryopreservation Medium by Biological Industries

Manufacturer Biological Industries  |   Model: 05-713-1
A chemically defined, animal component-free, protein-free cryopreservation solution

NutriFreez™ D10 Cryopreservation Medium by Biological Industries product image
NutriFreez™ D10 Cryopreservation Medium

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NutriFreez™ D10 Cryopreservation Medium is a ready-to-use, animal component-free, serum-free, and protein-free cryopreservation solution optimized for multiple cell lines.

NutriFreez™ has been demonstrated to result in high rates of cell viability, proliferation, adherence (in relevant lines), and bioactivity/ expression following freezing and thawing.

Superior results were obtained both in comparison with serum-containing freezing media as well as competing serum-free products, making this an ideal product for both serum-containing and serum-free applications.

NutriFreez™ has been extensively tested on multiple cell lines, including stem cells (pluripotent and mesenchymal) 3T3, BGM, vero cells, MRC-5, HEK-293, HEp-2, BSC-1, BF16-F10, BHK-21, CHO, HELA and MA-10.

NutriFreez D10 Cryopreservation Medium Advantages

  • Animal component-free, serum-free, protein-free
  • cGMP manufactured
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Simple protocol
  • Cryoprotective formulation designed to minimize dehydration effects
  • Effective maintenance of cell viability, adhesion, and bioactivity
  • Suitable for use in cell banks and biopharmaceutical applications