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Crystal digital PCR™ is a high-precision digital PCR solution with up to 3-color target multiplexing and a flexible range of fluorophore compatibility. Using cutting-edge microfluidic innovation, the technology is based on partitioning a sample into a large array of 20,000-30,000 droplets. This unique feature combined with the use of a single consumable, simple and user friendly workflow, and a fast-time-to-results (2h30) sets the naica® system apart.

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naica® system

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The naica® system leverages the key assets of digital PCR and is designed to provide a highly sensitive, fast and easy-to-use solution.

  • Easy-to-use solution
    On-chip integrated workflow
    Minimal hands-on time
  • Flexible digital PCR
    Up to 3-color target multiplexing
    Two chip formats: from 12 to 48 samples/run
  • Fast time-to-results under 3 hours
    Prepare (15 min), Amplify (2 hrs), Read (10-20 min), Analyze (5 min)
  • 3-color Crystal Digital PCR™ analysis software 
    User friendly Crystal Reader & Crystal Miner software
    Simple experimental set-up with intuitive visuals
    Data analysis with embedded quality control features

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  • Dimensions: Prism3 - (WxDxH) 44 x 34 x 21 cm (17 x 13 x 8 in)
  • Geode - (WxDxH) 35 x 37 x 39 cm (14 x 15 x 11 in)
  • Capacity: up to 12 samples/run for the Sapphire chips and 48 samples/run for the Opal chips
  • Detection: 0.72 cp/µL to 34,900 cup/µL
  • Throughput: 12 samples/run or 36 targets/run with Sapphire chip or 48 samples/run or 144 targets/run with Opal chip using 3-color target multiplexing
  • Fluorophores: FAM, Cy®5.5, Cy®3, Yakima Yellow, HEX, VIC
  • Sample volume: 25 µl/sample for the Sapphire chip and 7 µl/sample for the Opal chip