Murano Heating Stage by Gatan Inc.

Manufacturer Gatan Inc.  |   Model: Model 525  |  Available Worldwide
Murano stage available for heating to 950 °C for EBSD applications and 1250 °C for secondary electron detector (SED) imaging.

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Murano Heating Stage

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Metallurgical and materials science studies can considerably benefit from directly observing specimen heating within the scanning electron microscope. Gatan’s Murano heating stage makes it possible to dynamically observe a number of phenomena such as oxidation, phase transformations, grain growth, and recrystallization during heating.

The heating stage has been particularly designed to interface with traditional SEM stages, containing a thermally isolated interface which is perfect for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), SEM imaging, and focused ion beam (FIB milling).

The temperature range of the heating stage covers ambient to 950 °C. In order to aid catalysis, oxidation or reduction reactions, gas injection is achieved through a capillary (optional) adjoining the sample. Control over the external gas flow is achieved through a flange-mounted needle valve.

The internal SEM chamber, and the surrounding detectors, are protected by a water-cooled base and shield. A low vibration water chiller provided in each individual system interlocks with a PC-based temperature controller, a power supply, and a safety flow switch.

The specimen heater platform has been customized to facilitate easy loading. Logging software makes it possible to record time stamps against temperatures. Combined with an image processing system and a DigiScan™ digital beam control, temperature data from the Murano heating stage can be stamped on an experiment’s video recordings and images by means of the in-situ video software.

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Murano Heating Stage by Gatan Inc. product image

Murano Heating Stage

Manufacturer Gatan Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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