MolYsis-SelectNA™plus by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG

Fully automated microbial DNA enrichment and isolation

MolYsis-SelectNA™<i>plus</i> by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG product image
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MolYsis-SelectNA™plus is a kit for the automated extraction of enriched bacterial and fungal DNA from clinical samples to be used on the SelectNA™plus instrument.  In most clinical samples host DNA is in vast excess to target microbial DNA which can reduce the sensitivity of molecular analyses significantly. Further, microbial DNA contaminations from consumables and reagents can be introduced during sample processing, harbouring the risk of false-positive results. MolYsis-SelectNA™plus addresses both problems. Host DNA is depleted during the DNA extraction (MolYsis™ technology) and all buffers, reagents and plastics provided with the kit are free of contaminating microbial DNA. 


  • - Automated enrichment and isolation of bacterial and fungal DNA 
  • - Reduced hands-on time
  • - Variety of specimens: body fluids, swabs, tissues
  • - Flexible: 1- 12 samples
  • - Increased sensitivity by depletion of host DNA
  • - Contamination-free reagents and consumables
  • - Molecular analysis of your choice

The system has been validated for 0.2-1 ml body fluids, swabs and tissue biopsies and 1-12 samples can be extracted in parallel. The purified and enriched microbial DNA can be used for a variety of analysis methods including PCR and diverse NGS approaches.