Manufacturer Analytik Ltd
The minispec mq-one series builds on the minispec MQ series to offer expansion capabilities for routine industrial applications.

MINISPEC MQ-ONE SERIES (BENCHTOP TD-NMR) by Analytik Ltd product image

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The minispec mq-one series is a TD-NMR system, offering expansion capabilities for routine quality control and research and development applications. Using a permanent magnetic field and radio frequency (RF) energy to look at NMR sensitive nuclei such as hydrogen and fluorine. In response, RF signals are generated by the sensitive nuclei and the signals are detected by the minispec. The amplitude and duration of these signals are related to the properties of the sample. Unlike other spectroscopic techniques, TD-NMR is unaffected by sample colour and surface properties. The dedicated analyser series provide a complete off the shelf solution for a range of routine NMR quality control applications including: Solid Fat Content analysis (SFC), oil seed analysis, Spin Finish analysis and polymer analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Range of dedicated analysers with calibration transfer standards
  • Easy installation – operational within 30 seconds!
  • Traceable, multi-language software
  • Optimised for the lab: small footprint, low decibel operation noise and maintenance-free ventilation