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The MCP polarimeter series combines state-of-the-art technology, modern design, and high usability. Customer-specific configurations, like multiple wavelengths, provide the widest range of options to keep the polarimeter fit for the future. MCP 5100 is the perfect solution for measuring the optical rotation and determining the concentration or specific rotation of optically active substances for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries, as well as for R&D. Its modern data

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MCP 5100
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Good technology, modern design, and high usability.
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Pharmaceutical drug substances and chemical raw materials

"MCP 5100 is good instrument for measuring the optical rotation and determining the concentration or specific rotation of optically active compounds such as raw material and drug substances used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries. Equipment comes with external software with 21 CFR part 11 compliant along with instrument operation. The instrument can be used with multiple wavelengths. Instrument can be upgraded with an additional eight spectral wavelengths, filling check camera and air pump. The temperature of the sample is controlled by a Peltier cooler. The light source used by the instrument is LED having a life of 100000 hours. Instrument can give resolution upto 0.001° for optical rotation in the range of -89.9 to + 89.9° and 0.1°C for temperature in the range of 10°C to 45°C."

Review date: 09 Dec 2019 | MCP 5100

External MCP desktop software, taking care of all data administration

The polarimeter is controlled by the external MCP desktop software. All interaction takes place on the connected PC. User group, system, and data administration will be performed by the computer, not by the instrument, so the time to qualify the instrument is immensely decreased. Lifetime data (measured data, audit trail, check, and adjustment) is automatically stored as raw data in the desktop database. This database can be backed up and restored on demand by customer IT processes.

Raw Data Viewer for data authenticity check

The MCP polarimeter is connected to the network or PC via Anton Paar LIMS Bridge to collect or administrate data. The Anton Paar Raw Data Viewer provides the plausibility check, meaning that archived raw data can be loaded and regenerated from machine-readable into human-readable format for the verification process. Automatic checks verify the integrity of digitally signed data – in case of changes the file verification will be rejected.

Comprehensive qualification documentation

With the Anton Paar Pharma Qualification Documentation, your new MCP polarimeter is integrated into your workflow within a short period of time. IQ/QO/PQ as well as a risk analysis and 21 CFR Part 11 checklist are provided. A local Anton Paar employee will carry out the instrument qualification together with you – this saves you time and money.

Modular concept to grow with your requirements

Your investment in an MCP polarimeter is secure, no matter which measurements you will face in the future. All MCP models can be upgraded, e.g. with additional wavelengths, air pump, or FillingCheck camera to meet new requirements. Up to eight spectral filters in the UV/VIS/NIR ranges can be added to the instrument right away or later on as a field upgrade.

Technical highlights for maximum reliability

The MCP polarimeters equipped with features for the highest traceability and reliability:

  • Wireless Toolmaster™ technology – automatic identification of sample cells and quartz control plates
  • FillingCheck™ – built-in camera to monitor real-time images of the filling process (optional for MCP 5100/5300)
  • Automatic Peltier temperature control – eliminates the need for a thermostatic water bath
  • LED light source – maintenance-free for 100,000 hours
  • Built-in air pump to discharge the sample from the cell, clean and dry the sample cell inside (optional for MCP 5100/5300)
  • Up to eight spectral filters in the UV/VIS/NIR ranges (optional)

Wide range of sample cells ready for your application

A variety of sample cells available in different path lengths, materials, and filling options meet all your possible requirements. All MCP polarimeter sample cells come with wireless technology supporting the Toolmaster™ function. Cell type and master data are automatically transferred to the instrument. MCP automatically checks if the cell meets the selected method settings. Live temperature data is also transmitted to the instrument. 

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MCP 5100 by Anton Paar product image

MCP 5100

Manufacturer Anton Paar  |  Available Worldwide

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews