Leica DMi8 M/C/A Inverted Microscopes (Industry) by Leica Microsystems EMEA

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems EMEA  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa
Inverted Microscopes for Industry 

Leica DMi8 M/C/A Inverted Microscopes (Industry) by Leica Microsystems EMEA product image
Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8 C
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Invert The Game – And Stay Ahead

Being ahead of the competition is what drives your business. No matter if you work in metallography, medical device manufacturing or microelectronics, speed is essential. Tailor this highly modular inverted microscope to your needs. Combine Leica optical quality, a wide range of contrast modes, and intuitive software in one system to help you speed up your workflow.

Speed Up Your Workflow With Inverted Microscopy

Inverted microscopes enable you to save time and money. Unlike upright microscopes you can simply put your specimen on the stage, focus onto the surface once and have it focused for all magnifications and further samples. And because the objectives are positioned below the stage the risk of collision with the sample is reduced.

Save time

  • Change 4 times faster between samples
  • Benefit from a large working space to easily place even huge and heavy samples
  • Work with samples that weigh up to 30 kg