Lago by Spectral Instruments Imaging

Manufacturer Spectral Instruments Imaging  |   Model: A1666
Spectral Instruments Imaging's LAGO offers high throughput imaging for BLI & FLI. With 10 mouse campacity, the LAGO is a fantastic option for high volume imaging cores. This workhorse is designed for non-stop imaging and is the gold standard in sensitiviy - 36% more sensitive than the leading competitor. The LAGO also provides Absolute Calibration, -90C Air Cooled CCD Camera, LED Fluorescence excitation and free software.

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The Spectral Instruments Imaging LAGO provides the ultimate in high througput!  

  • Bioluminescence & Flourescence
  • 10 Mouse Capacity (25x25cm field of view)
  • 14 FLI Excitation Wavelgenths/ 20 Emission Filters
  • LED Fluorescence Illumination
  • Stand Alone unit
  • Mouse Friendly Platform
  • Compatible with all 3rd party anestesia
  • -90C Air Cooled Camera
  • Field Upgradable to X-ray and/or Access Port
  • License Free software