Manufacturer KRISHGEN BioSystems  |   Model: KBI1026  |  Available Worldwide
The Denosumab assay kit is an ELISA intended for the quantitative determination of Denosumab in serum, plasma and cell culture samples.

KRIBIOLISA™ Denosumab (PROLIA) ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems product image
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Pharmacokinetics (PK) is a branch of science dedicated to the quantitative analysis of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drug molecules within the body of a living organism. All pre-clinical and clinical studies include the measurement of serum drug concentration, both in animals and in patients, at different points after drug administration. The result is an important indicator of the drug’s pharmacokinetic properties and is pertinently relevant to dosing recommendations while developing the drug, and even while using in clinical therapy.

Krishgen PK kits are used for the quantitation of serum protein drug levels to provide accurate pharmacokinetic (PK) data that will help optimize drug dosing regimens.

About the Denosumab ELISA kit:

  • Uses anti-idiotypic antibodies sourced from our vendor partner in the US, which ensures higher specificity, and low cross reactivity
  • Recovery rates are 80 - 120%
  • Validated as per US FDA guidelines for Bioassays
  • Optimized for matrix effects to ensure higher sensitivity
  • Uses the innovator drug as calibrator, and is optimized for biosimilars studies