KRIBIOLISA™ Anti-Tremilimumab ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems

Manufacturer KRISHGEN BioSystems  |   Model: KB3068
Enzyme Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Anti-Tremilimumab antibodies in serum and plasma.

KRIBIOLISA™ Anti-Tremilimumab ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems product image
KRIBIOLISA™ Anti-Tremilimumab ELISA
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Biotherapeutics can induce an immune response in the body, leading to the development of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) which can potentially threaten patient safety. Assessment of ADAs, which may inhibit the biologic activity of the drug, form a fundamental part of immunogenicity testing.

Krishgen Anti-Drug Antibody kits are used for the quantification of antibodies specific to the drug, and can be used on both serum and plasma samples.

About the Anti-Tremilimumab ELISA kit:

  • Uses anti-idiotypic antibodies sourced from our vendor partner in the US, which ensures higher specificity, and low cross reactivity.
  • Recovery rates are 80 - 120%
  • Validated as per US FDA guidelines for Bioassays
  • Optimized for matrix effects to ensure higher sensitivity
  • Ship at 2-8 ^C for easy transport with lyophilized standards