KjelMaster K-375 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Unmatched quality and versatility in your Kjeldahl analysis

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KjelMaster K-375: Highly automated Kjeldahl analysis
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The KjelMaster K-375 offers potentiometric and colorimetric titrations that meet highest standards in usability, automation and data management. Specific benefits include:

  • Fully compliant and flexible plug-and-measure titration concept (colorimetric and potentiometric)
  • High operational safety and user protection
  • Different access authorization levels to satisfy GLP requirements
  • Reproducible results thanks to smart distillation mode “IntelliDist”
  • Maximal data security provided by intelligent software
  • Intuitive operation with large graphical touch screen
  • Easy LIMS integration with traceable data recording
  • Elimination of errors in routine operations thanks to advanced KjelLink PC software
  • Optimized, consistent working conditions due to self-adjusting control of cooling water 
  • Shortest processing times thanks to well synchronized process steps
  • Onsite upscaling option by simple connection to KjelSampler
  • Efficient processing of high sample loads due to fully automated workflow
  • Automatic data exchange with a wide range of complementary systems