Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL750 Imaging System by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: A44116  |  Available Worldwide
The Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL750 Imaging System offers the core essential western blot and gel imaging functions and supports a smooth transition from darkroom and film-based detection methods to digital imaging.

Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL750 Imaging System by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL750 Imaging System
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Experience an easier time capturing and analyzing data from gels and western blots with Invitrogen™ iBright™ Imaging Systems. Designed with a streamlined, intuitive interface and workflows, iBright Imaging Systems are easy to use for researchers of all experience levels.

There are three models in the iBright Imaging Systems family: The base model Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL750 Imaging System, the mid-level model Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL1500 Imaging System, and the premier Invitrogen™ iBright™ FL1500 Imaging System. 

The iBright CL750 Imaging System has four imaging modes to support data capture from colorimetric-stained protein gels, fluorescent-stained protein gels, fluorescent-stained nucleic acid gels, chemiluminescent western blots, and more. 

Features of the iBright CL750 Imaging System:

  • 9.1 MP cooled CCD camera—high sensitivity and dynamic range to help enable the detection of subtle differences in samples
  • Smart Exposure technology—provides rapid determination of optimal exposure time to help minimize the need to repeat exposures to acquire the desired signal
  • Advanced automated features—automatic zoom, automatic focus, and automatic onboard data analysis provide a smooth imaging experience
  • Simple interface—clear layout of functions and features combined with a 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen for a smooth imaging experience
  • 22.5 x 18.0-cm field of view—large field of view for high-throughput imaging (image up to four mini or two midi blots at a time)
  • Green LED-based transilluminator—effectively excite popular DNA dyes such as ethidium bromide and SYBR Green dyes with an alternative to UV-based transilluminators
  • Flexible connectivity—export captured images via ethernet connection, Wi-Fi (with optional accessory), USB, or directly to our Connect cloud-based platform
  • Multiple data analysis workflows—perform molecular weight estimation, densitometry, relative quantitation, and normalization via our on-instrument analysis software, or for more convenience and in-depth image adjustment and data analysis capabilities, we offer stand-alone Invitrogen™ iBright™ Analysis Software available in both desktop and cloud-based versions
  • Compliance support—offered with a 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support software package to set up and control security, audit, and e-signature settings